From simple technical cuts to complex detailed cut patterns, here at Laser Bureau we adopt the principle that anything is possible.

We offer a laser cutting service where we cut paper or card up to a thickness of several millimeters. We also laser-cut and engrave wood, plastics, acrylic and perspex. Using the latest cutting technologies, our fully automated, print referencing machine cuts in motion enabling instant changeover between individual sheets. Our in-house manufacturing facility enables us to laser cut one off prototypes, laser cut short run jobs in sequence or large run jobs up to hundreds of thousands.


Laser engraving paper, acrylic and wood is an exceptional feature where the laser power can be adjusted so precisely that only a part of the material is milled. No other method except the laser can achieve such perfect and visually stunning results on paper, card, wood and acrylic.

Produce laser engraved creases for packaging, decorative carvings on coloured papers, security features on tickets, or even use this function on labels and packaging to etch the name and address of the customer.


Perforating is a prime discipline of our automated machine. You can set up everything easily: the length of the cut; the length of the gap; the dividing between both; even for simple holding points or a micro perforation in a special form.

Create laser cut coupons to separate in a freeform; laser cut vouchers as a clip-off element; response cards with perforated shape. All this at incredible speeds to suit your needs.


Namecut is the new dimension in personalisation. Laser cut or laser engraved names – or any other personalised data – directly to printed materials or packaging to personally engage with your recipients.

Our laser cutting service can turn every print into a unique gift such as personalised stencils, direct mail, magazine covers, stationery as well as many other applications. Namecut makes every individual print uniquely personalised from a CSV-file.

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