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These laser cutting questions proved really popular on our social media platforms, hope you find them helpful.

How much does laser cutting cost?

It really depends on the material being cut and how complicated the design is, it is straightforward for us to work out the costs once we have that information. Even a simple sketch will give us an idea of what you have in mind when it comes to your design. Please do get in touch.

Can you laser cut wood? Can you laser cut MDF? Can you laser cut plywood? Can you laser engrave wood? Can you laser engrave plywood? Can you laser engrave MDF?

Yes to all of these questions, we can laser cut and laser engrave wood, we can use most natural woods although really hardwoods take longer to cut. We can also cut laser friendly versions of plywood (laserply) and MDF (Medite), the resin in standard products is harmful when laser cut so Laserply and Medite are safe alternatives.⁠ There are quite a few variables to consider when laser cutting wood, it is always worth asking the questions. You can also laser engrave photographs into wood and other materials, that is really effective. Most grades and finishes are available – waterproof, fire-resistant, veneered. Not all products are available in all thicknesses so also worth asking. Because these are organic materials the cut edge can show some charring and is covered with carbon, the thicker the material the more pronounced the effect. The front and back of the product can usually be sanded clean.

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